San Bernardino County Map

San Bernardino County, located in the heart of Southern California, is a region of incredible diversity and vast landscapes. Covering over 20,000 square miles, it is the largest county in the United States by area. Understanding the geography of San Bernardino County is crucial for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. This article will explore the intricacies of the county through its maps, revealing the layers of history, culture, and natural beauty embedded within its borders.

San Bernardino County stretches from the eastern edge of Los Angeles County to the Nevada border, encompassing a mix of urban areas, mountains, deserts, and valleys. The county’s sheer size means it includes a wide variety of climates and terrains, from the snowy peaks of the San Bernardino Mountains to the arid expanses of the Mojave Desert.


San Bernardino County Map

San Bernardino County was established in 1853, carved out of parts of Los Angeles County. The region’s rich history is marked by the presence of Native American tribes, Spanish missions, and later, a boom during the Gold Rush era. Historical landmarks like the Route 66 and the California Theatre of the Performing Arts reflect its storied past.

The county is divided into 24 incorporated cities and numerous unincorporated communities. Major cities include San Bernardino, the county seat, as well as Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and Fontana. Each city and town has its unique character and contributes to the overall diversity of the county.

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